Claud Butler Glide 2 Review

claud butler glide 2 electric bike

[Updated] The 2012 bike is essentially the same as the 2011 version listed below.

Hybrid bikes are a fantastic choice for riders who need a little help when tackling extremely steep hills or simply want to reach their destination as fast as possible. A large number of bike manufacturers are beginning to create brilliant electric hybrid bikes, however very few manufacturers create hybrid bikes like Falcon.

Falcon’s Claud Butler range offers a number of different hybrid bikes, the Claud Butler Glide 2 2011 is considered by many in the cycling world as the best Falcon have ever produced. With a 6061 T4 T6 frame the Glide 2 2011 features a Top Gun Alloy Suspension front fork. This combination has meant that riders can enjoy a rigid, light, durable bike that is comfortable and handles perfectly, even at fast speeds.

The drivetrain of this aluminium bike may have been created using some of the most basic models offered by leading component producers, yet they perform to the highest standard. The shifting system of the Glide 2 2011 include Shimano’s basic TX50 rear derailleur, Shimano TX30 shifters, a strong alloy crankset and 14/28 tooth 6- speed Freewheel cassette. This combination of premium components has created an electric bike that effectively shifts throughout each ratio precisely and silently.

The most impressive feature of the Glide 2 2011 however is its 36volt 10Amp/hour LiFePo4 Battery cells with extended charging life. The battery features the latest advances in battery chemistry to create the latest Litium Ferrous Phosphate battery which is able to endure twice the number of battery charge cycles compared to other lithium
batteries. This advanced technology has meant that the Lithium battery fitted on the Glide 2 2011 is one of the most powerful, enabling riders to reach up to 15.5mph as well as one of the most reliable batteries with a range of up to 35 miles per single charge to feature on a hybrid bicycle. The battery on the Glide 2 2011 also includes a number of impressive features, in particular speed sensor pedal assistance with a simple throttle design. Also, an Anti-Theft LCD Backlit display panel with three modes including speedometer and odometer, which allows riders to keep track of the battery life as well as monitor their cycling performance.

Many of our testers couldn’t find any faults with this bike; in fact many said it was the best option for cyclists who need a little extra help when riding or for cyclist wanting additional help when venturing out on longer journeys. With so many remarkable features, premium components, a high-quality battery and only praise from our testers it is easy to see why the Glide 2 2011 is considered one of the best hybrid bikes on the market today.

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