Powabyke 5 Speed Powatryke Review

powabyke 5speed powatryke electric bike

Powabyke have been producing electric Powatrykes since 2001 and have worked hard on making sure all of their developments and upgrades go towards creating the most reliable bikes on the market. With the unisex 5 Speed Powatryke, they have certainly done this. With its steel frame, 3 wheels and comfy sprung seat, the Powatryke is extremely powerful and useful for people who want to quickly pop down to the shops, use it for their home delivery business or just as a general run around.

The 5 speed Shinao gear set, along with a powerful light-action alloy V-brake at the front and a disc brake at the back ensure that the 3 wheeler bike has more than enough stopping power when it’s required. Also included are parking brakes, font and rear battery operated lights and an extremely roomy luggage basket at the rear, which measures: Length 53 cm, Width 45 cm and Depth 27 cm, making the bike very useful for collecting groceries or other heavy goods.

The high power 250 watt electric hub motor is mounted in the front wheel and can either be powered by a dual lightweight 36 Volt lithium-ion battery or by Powabyke’s 15 Amp SLA battery pack. The Powatryke functions in Pure Power (PP) mode and this is where no, or a small amount, of pedalling is required. Using the Powatryke in this mode will result in a range of around 10-15 miles if using the standard battery. Riders can also add additional lithium ion batteries if they want to increase the range of the tryke. Once flat, the standard battery will then need up to 8 hours to recharge fully.

Additional features of the Powabyke 5 Speed Powatryke include:

Wheel Size: 20″ or 24″ = 3 Wheels
Steering: Swept bars
Forks: Rigid
Chain Wheel Set: Front 38 Teeth. 6 Speed Cassette
Derailleur: Shimano
Motor: Brushed 250 Watts
Power System: Pure Power (Twist and go)
Power Delivery: Twist Throttle
Pedal: Assist 30 miles

Size: 29.5 inches (75 cm) wide – this will allow it to fit through most doors
Weight: Including Battery – 58 kg

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